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The drug free complimentary treatment against Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Allergies and skin conditions. Browse our website and discover the true power of healing salts and how it can help you.

Salt Therapy is a completely natural, non-invasive and drug free treatment where dry salt aerosol is passively inhaled in a specially constructed Salt Room.

This therapy involves breathing in microscopic salt particles which has a positive effect on respiratory and skin


Inhalation of salt aerosol is clinically proven to cleanse the respiratory system of the human body and to speed up elimination of toxins. A salt aerosol rich in negative ions is proven to have bactericidal effects, cleansing microbial flora of the respiratory tract, slowing down bacterial growth and increasing resistance to respiratory tract diseases.

Here at Kilkenny Salt Therapy we offer a combination of both Speleotherapy and Halotherapy to maximise treatment benefit to you. The term Speleotherapy comes from the Greek word Speleon, meaning cave. Speleotherapy is the use of a subterranean salt cave environment for therapeutic purposes, especially in the treatment of chronic airway diseases.


Here at Kilkenny Salt Therapy, we harness the potent natural healing forces of salt to create a therapeutic environment like no other. 

The salt we use is unprocessed and uncontaminated by toxins or pollution. Our Salt Rooms uniquely reproduce from a physical, chemical and biological perspective the climate of Natural Salt Mines. Unlike others, the salt used to build the salt rooms is NOT decorative salt.

We offer the best possible alternative experience to visiting Natural Salt Mines in Ireland. This has been achieved by shipping authentic salt to Kilkenny and using it to construct our Salt Rooms. Kilkenny Salt Therapy is the ONLY operator in Ireland who has created Salt Rooms clad with real salt shipped in from natural salt mines of 200 meters in depth.

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