Emphysema is a lung condition causing shortness of breath. Paired with chronic bronchitis, emphysema can form into another respiratory illness called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). People with emphysema have their alveoli damaged, which are the air sacs in the lungs.

Emphysema is rarely genetic. If you have a history of respiratory illness in your family, you may be more prone to getting it. However, the number one factor of emphysema diagnoses is smoking.  Cigarette smoke not only aggravates the airways, but it also damages the lungs.

Inhalation of salt aerosol is clinically proven to cleanse your respiratory system and speed up the elimination of toxins. The salt particles are able to penetrate into the bronchial tree. Dry saline aerosol works as a “bronchial brush” for the airways.

Salt has bactericidal effects, cleansing microbial flora of the respiratory tract, slowing down bacterial growth and increasing resistance to respiratory tract diseases.

Salt aerosol is a well known decongestant; it reduces inflammation widening of the airway passages, restoring the normal transport of mucous secretion and free blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles leading to rapid elimination of the residual tar and foreign allergens. It also has a hyposensitizing effect: the body becomes less sensitive to a substance that produces an allergic reaction (reduces IgE levels).

Dry sodium chloride eliminates airborne pollen particles from your airways. The air composition strengthens immunity and better immunity decreases allergic reaction to pollens and other allergens. 

Recommended Treatment

Frequency is the key to your Salt Therapy success with emphysema.

The best salt therapy results for Emphysema are achieved by including it as part of your lung maintenance program. We suggest an intense treatment of 2-3 times per week to start with to help loosen up and clear the lungs as best we can. As your body responds to the treatment, we start dropping down the intensity of the visits, with the goal to find what is the best ongoing maintenance program for your body. This will vary from person to person. 

Our salt therapist works with you one on one to devise a program that will suit you best and check in with you regularly to ensure we are providing the best supportive care.

Salt Therapy at home

Get more from your Salt Therapy success with our Salt Therapy at home products. Just like a workout at the gym once a week won’t make you fit, the success of Salt Therapy is coupled with our affordable at home products. Our salt therapist can show you how to include them as part of your Salt Therapy treatment and for ongoing maintenance.

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