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Throughout history, pure, unrefined rock salt has long been recognized for its antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits. Salt therapy goes a long way back, in ancient Greece, where Hippocrates used to prescribe salt water steam inhalation to patients suffering from respiratory problems. Also, medieval monks would take patients deep into salt caves to inhale fine salt particles.

Nowadays, in Europe, more and more medical institutions are being built around salt caves and patients with chronic respiratory diseases ( Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Sinusitis, Bronchitis) are successfully treated.

The air found in underground caves is rich in salt microns and ions. These microscopic salt crystals enter deep into the lungs where they absorb and neutralize harmful bacteria and allergens, reducing swelling in the lung tissue.

As a result, breathing becomes much easier for anyone suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma, shortness of breath, hay fever, allergies, bronchitis, bronchiectasis, COPD and other ailments of the lungs.

Since traveling to a salt cave can be time consuming and pricey for some people, or they just wanted to continue their treatment at home in between the Salt Room sessions Halotherapy devices (halos – salt in Greek) were developed with the purpose of simulating the salted atmosphere of salt mines. This is how Saltair was born, so that anyone in need can benefit from salt therapy.

Is a ultrasonic salinizer that mimics the respiratory healing benefits of natural salt mines. Using ultrasonic frequency vibrations, the device transforms salt into micro particles, dispenses them into the surrounding indoor space and enables them by breathing to penetrate deep inside the lungs.

What is more the device does not require the active user involvement therefore it can be used at all times, day and night. The fact that it does not require holding a mask on the face or a mouth piece enables long term exposure to the salted air. This is an important factor in treating chronic respiratory problems, because salt therapy has cumulative effects in time.

Due to the bactericide property of salt and its high concentration of negative ions it has very good effect in cleaning the indoor air as well. The negative salt ions stick to the positively charged particles of dust, bacteria and viruses counteracting them. That is why, besides the respiratory problems mentioned above, salt therapy is also effective in ear infections, conjunctivitisacne and skin rash or eczema.

In few days after using Saltair, you will realize that you are no longer struggling to breathe. You will look and feel better, as your lungs will start to clear and your body will take in more oxygen. You will notice visible improvements in sleep related problems, including snoring and sleep apnea.

Most medications prescribed for respiratory illnesses only relieve symptoms. Many drugs also have significant side effects, especially those containing corticosteroids. Salt treatment can be used as a natural alternative or as a complementary treatment with no side effects.

The principles of SaltAir Device:

SaltAir devices use ultrasonic vibration technology to transform saline solution into under 5-microns salt particles, which are then released in the air for breathing. These are not humidifiers, because they are placing an insignificant amount of humidity into the indoor air. SaltAir devices provide salt therapy at home with easiness and efficiency.

These breathable salt particles penetrate deep into the lungs, up to the alveoli, cleaning the mucus, killing bacteria, reducing inflammation and humidifying the whole respiratory tract. The salt aerosols have a very good effect in cleaning the indoor air as well, due to the bactericide property of salt and the high concentration of negative ions that stick to the positively charged particles of dust, bacteria, and viruses.

SaltAir devices are compliant Medical Device Class I with Food and Drugs Act (FDA) and Health Canada Medical Device Regulations. They are manufactured and controlled by ISO 9001 Certified Management System and conform to all aspects of the agreed specification. They comply with the essential requirements and provisions of European Council Directive MDD 93/42/EEC for Medical Device Class I and conform to standards:
IEC60601-1: 2005/EN 60601-1: 2006, IEC/EN 60601-1-2: 2007, CE Marking.

Who Can Use a SaltAir device?

  • SaltAir can be used by young babies and pregnant women,
  • SaltAir can be used by elders.
  • And even by animals





SaltAir can be effectively used in any chronic respiratory disease as it reduces inflammation, unclogs the blockages, cleans the respiratory system, and eases breathing.

As a preventive method, the device offers protection against allergens, colds and flu by maintaining a good hygiene and strengthening the immunity of the respiratory system.

It is a very safe therapy for all people and ages, including infants and pregnant women, and does not interact with any salt free diet or medication. The device can also be used for respiratory problems in pets.

Perfect for infants with a stuffy nose! Babies under 4 months old can only breathe through their noses, so when they get congested it is hard for them to nurse. Using a Saltair device will help a stuffed-up infant breathe easier.

Where Can You Use Saltair?


  • Use it in your bedroom
  • Your office
  • Or in the living-room
  • It benefits the whole family


The SaltAIr device is small enough to place on a night table or on your desk. The ultrasonic salinizer is 100% silent, easy to operate and it works while you’re asleep or awake, offering the extended exposure necessary to heal certain conditions.

To get the best results, use the device every day and night because salt therapy has cumulative effects in time. Use it in your bedroom, in your office or living room! The longer you use it, the better you will feel!


Device Instructions:

SaltAir UV comes with an electric adaptor, instruction manual, measuring cup and free three month supply of natural rock salt for the saline solution. The device is easy to use and it does not require wearing a mask on the face or a mouthpiece. Place the device close to your bed , same level with your body, on a night table, directing the gentle air stream towards you and enjoy the wonderful effect of natural salt therapy. The SaltAir Uv is very quiet and will not disturb your sleep. For best results, we recommend continuous use.

The salinizer is designed for home use and it is NOT a humidifier! The humidity is minimal and the amount of salt aerosol is safe for home use; it is designed to generate only microscopic particles of salt, majority under 2 microns, not visible to the human eye, that are released into the indoor air for breathing.


*The device has to be used only with our provided salt. Using a different kind of salt it can affect negatively the lifetime of the device!

**The device does not produce any environmental corrosion effects.

Saltair Uv Ultrasonic Air Salinizer – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does Saltair device work?

A: Saltair device is an ultrasonic salinizer that releases microscopic particles of salt into the indoor air for long time inhalation. The breathable salt particles, under 5 microns with the majority under 1 micron, are able to penetrate deep into your lung and clean, humidify, reduce inflammation and widen  the entire airways. Natural rock salt has mucokinetic (fluidizes the mucus), anti-inflammatory (absorbs edema from the mucosa lining the airways), anti-bacterial (kills bacteria) and hydrophilic properties (absorbs edema and humidifies the airways)

Q: How ultrasonic salinizer Saltair differs from the Salin Plus device?

A: Both devices place microscopic salt particles, majority under 2 microns, into the indoor air, for breathing. While Salin is using dry salt filter, the ultrasonic salinizer Saltair uses saline solution to create the salt aerosol. With Saltair device, the quantity of salt particles generated every night, is constantly the same and can be easily adjusted and controlled by increasing the saline solution concentration. With a dry salt filter, as in Salin Plus, the quantity of salt particles decrease in time, with the maxiumum quantity in the first week and a filter replacement would be needed every 3-4 months, or sooner.

Q: Will Saltair device interact with other medication or low-salt diet?

A: No! The device can be a complementary or standalone (alternative) treatment and does not interact with any classical treatment. The quantity of the salt aerosol is comparable with the ocean or seaside aerosol and will not affect a low-salt diet. The salt micro particles reach the epithelium surface of the respiratory system and are eliminated with the mucus.

Q: How Saltair device helps in a better sleep?

A: Many people have noticed that they sleep better when using our Saltair – home salt therapy device. This is because the salt aerosol helps in cleaning and widening the airways, leading to easier breathing and better blood oxygenation. Salt ions have been found having good effects over the nervous system as well.

Q: Is Saltair device recommended in healthy people as well?

A: Yes! Because of its general health and hygiene effects, the Saltair device is recommended not only for people suffering from respiratory problems, but also for healthy people to increase their respiratory immunity.
Saltair device affects the flow of secretions of the respiratory passages and strengthens the vibrations of cilia, allowing the secretions to be removed quickly and clear the respiratory passages. This will bring an easier and comfortable breathing pattern. It also helps in clearing the nasal passages, diminishes the snoring and obtain a more relaxed and therapeutic sleep.

 Q: How Saltair device helps in snoring?

A: Many people have noticed that their partners do not snore as loud as before using salt therapy or they stop snoring. The salt ions reduce the oro-pharyngeal and soft palate edema, often met with snoring, resulting in improvement and diminishing of snoring. The salt aerosol also clears the mucus and unclog blockages that also cause snoring.

 Q: Is the device safe in infants and small children?

A: Yes! It is very safe! Fighting with flu and colds in infants and small children could give you a hard time. Babies under 4 months old can only breathe through their noses, so when they get congested it is hard for them to nurse. Using a Saltair device will help a stuffy nose infant breathe easier. Salt particles will help in opening and clearing the airways and get rid of stuffy nose and wake-ups during the night. Regular use will increase the respiratory immunity and you will notice that your child does not get a cold as often as before using home salt therapy.

Q: How it helps in ear infection?

A: In infants and small children, ear infection can appear very often. To help them to get better sooner and reduce the rate of recurrence, you should place their bed under an angle (head higher than feet while lying) and place the salt machine close to the bed with the air stream towards them. The salt aerosol helps with the edema of the Eustachian tube, leading to widening of the airway passages and better drainage of the inflammatory secretions & better aeration behind the tympanic membrane (drum). Salt is bactericide and bacteriostatic and will help in killing bacteria and stop infection.

Q: How long does it take to notice a difference?

A: This is depending how your body reacts, your age and stage of your respiratory disease but you should notice soon the fresh and easy breathing air. At the same time, it is likely that there will be other noticeable and beneficial effects such as a reduction or cessation in the use of asthma inhalers. Any current medical problems, however must be given special attention and consult with your doctor. Some people will notice results right after first night of use and others may need longer time, 2-3 or more weeks. In allergies may be required even months if the allergen triggers are present. For many snorers it was noticed that they do not snore as loud as before or they stopped snoring.

All natural therapies take time and perseverance but with aerosol salt therapy many people got impressive results. The improvements may set slowly in some cases, especially in not severe conditions, and may notice a difference only when stopping using the device for 1-2 weeks. For lasting results, especially in chronic conditions, continuous use is necessary. The longer exposure, the better results!

Q: Are there any special specification?

A: Sometimes, in the first period of utilization, it is possible an accentuation of the coughing phenomenon, especially with larger than recommended dose of salt in the saline solution. The fluidization of the secretion in the respiratory system leads to too quick elimination. Coughing has an important part in this mechanism. If the coughing strokes give you too much trouble you can adjust the quantity of salt into the saline solution by making a new one using less salt.  REMEMBER that coughing, in this case, is not something to alarm for, unless it is too intense. When you use our recommended quantity of salt is less probable to have intense coughing. You should then decrease the quantity of salt you used and slowly increase it, only if necessary, in time, as your body gets accustomed with the salt therapy.

Q: Can pets benefit of salt therapy?

A: Yes! Thinking now about pets, they are part of our life, day and night, including their problems. A dog or cat snoring problem or their asthma-allergy pattern is very much the same as ours and looking for a solution is not a problem anymore! Salt therapy by Saltair can easily be used for pets.

Q: Can the ultrasonic salinizer be compared with a humidifier / humidifying rate?

A: Absolutely no! The ultrasonic salinizer Saltair is especially designed and calibrated to deliver a safe amount and specific size of microscopic salt particles. The device will not increase the humidity in the air. Attention: Never add salt in a regular humidifier as some people may think can do! We guarantee you would not be happy with the results and it is dangerous for respiratory sufferers!

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