Natural Remedies for Allergies


Salt is a well known decongestant; it reduces inflammation widening your airway passages, restoring the normal transport of mucous secretion and free blockages in the bronchi and bronchioles leading to rapid elimination of the residual tar and foreign allergens.

Salt Therapy is a natural gentle, non invasive, drug free therapy that offers support to the relief of hay fever & allergy symptoms.
By sitting in our specially designed salt room, your respiratory system will be exposed to microscopic dry aerosol particles of salt that are inhaled through the nasal passages and down into the airways of the lungs. Salt has natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce symptoms and relieve inflammation and congestion in the airways. As the dry salt is breathed in, it passes through your airways, breaking up or loosening congestion, helping your body to expel any excess mucus and offering relief naturally from itchy eyes and nose,  stuffy head and general symptoms that you can have with hay fever.

Recommended Treatment:

Seasonal Hay Fever – usually worse in spring when the pollen count is high.Intensity is the key to your Salt Therapy success with seasonal hay fever.It also has a hyposensitizing effect: the body becomes less sensitive to a substance which produces allergic reactions.

Salt Therapy reduces IgE levels in the body. IgE is the antibody involved in allergic reactions. 

Dry sodium chloride aerosol eliminates airborne pollen particles from the airways. The air composition strengthens your immunity and better immunity decreases allergic reaction to pollens and other allergens. 

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