“My son loves coming to salt therapy the room for children is fab and he has lots to do and since we have started now we don’t have to use his inhaler (brown or blue). Which is great. The staff are amazing and so helpful.”

Olivia M. Kilkenny

Asthma Natural Remedies

The sterile, pure and dry-salt aerosol of the Salt Room Therapy penetrates into your bronchi and kills bacteria and viruses. Based on clinical studies, inhaled salty air has the ability to kill bacteria and increase mucociliary clearance, thereby reducing inflammation in your whole respiratory tract, absorbing edema from the mucosa lining the airway passages and restoring the respiratory tract.

By sitting in our specially designed salt room your respiratory system will be exposed to microscopic dry aerosol particles of salt that are inhaled into the lungs. Salt has natural anti-histamine,anti-inflammatory, anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help relieve inflammation and congestion in the airways.

As the dry salt is breathed in, it passes through the airways breaking up or loosening congestion and relieving the inflammation in the airways that causes the irritation and narrowing of the airways.  The salt allows you to breathe easier and helps the body to expel congestion and mucus.Salt Therapy works well as a preventative treatment as we are constantly breathing in pollutants and allergens which can irritate lungs with asthma. When your lungs are weakened, it can have a significant effect on your health. The smallest cold can result in weeks of sickness. Breathing in salt as part of your ongoing maintenance can help the body to heal faster and remove irritants fast.

Salt Therapy is not a cure, it is a support for your lungs to help open and relieve inflammation and congestion throughout your airways.

Recommended Treatment:

Frequency is the key to your Salt Therapy success with asthma.

The best results from Salt Therapy for asthma are achieved with an intensive treatment to start; this may be 2-3 times or more per week depending on your severity. This will vary from person to person.Depending on age 10-30 sessions are recommended for long term results. As your body responds to the treatment and your symptoms reduce, we start dropping down the intensity of the visits, with the goal to find what is the best ongoing maintenance program for your body.

In most patients, after a course of Salt Therapy, airway become normal and symptoms disappear. The treatment’s efficacy is estimated at 75-98%. Most clients do 1-2 Salt Therapy courses a year. In between they might come back for some top-up sessions.


*Halotherapy salt therapy is not a substitute for medical treatment and diagnosis of any health condition

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