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As you already know, by now, our salt rooms are created with real Salt, brought from Praid Salt Mine, in Romania.

Now, we would like to introduce you a new Award-winning compact Medical Device Class I,  Salt inhaler therapy – DSI INHALO.

The device is made of medical quality biologically compatible material and contains raw salt crystal rocks from the same salt mine where we brought the salt to construct our Salt Rooms – Paraid in Transylvania.

New innovative, ergonomic and portable dry salt inhalers (DSI), makes use of the simple therapeutic principle of inhaling salty air. The DSI Inhalo Dry Salt Inhaler is a comfortable and non-invasive device free of medications, causing no interventions in the body, and is to be classified as physical therapy.

For many, it still seems like a new wellness trend, but regular salt therapy can really help those who have respiratory problems. This is a completely natural, drug-free treatment that, if not in itself, can help relieve complaints as part of existing therapy.

If you are into sports, take your DSI Salt Inhaler, which will work after a few sniffs. 100% Organic Salt Crystals, due to their antibacterial properties, cleanse the airway, support smooth breathing and your workout. Thanks to its compact size, the salt inhaler fits into the smallest space, so you can always have it when you need a few sips of clean air.


  • What is unique about DSI saline inhalers?

DSI Dry Inhalers contain 100% pure, unprocessed salt from the famed Praid Salt Mine. Thanks to their practical, small packaging, you can take the salt with you wherever you go, whether on the road or at work. Award-winning design: Co & Co Design communication designed the DSI design, for which DSI received the red dot design award and the Hungarian Design Award.

In 2019, Natural & Organic Products Europe on, InHalo DSI Wins Best New Healthcare Product Award.

There are two types of saline inhalers:

1. Nasal-Orr Dry Salt Inhaler

For people with upper respiratory complaints. They can relieve nasal congestion and allergy symptoms. It can also be used with aroma chopsticks, which contain soothing essential oils.



2. Bronchial-Mouth Dry Salt Inhaler

Those with lower respiratory complaints. They can help relieve the symptoms of bronchitis, allergy, and asthma.




How do I use saline inhalers?

Use the inhaler for 15-20 minutes per day without interruption, or divide the use into three 7-10 minute sections. Use for 21 days without interruption. Replace the top after each use.

Who is recommended for salt therapy?

Salt therapy is recommended for everyone. It can help people with respiratory illness to relieve symptoms. And healthy people can use it to prevent respiratory infections and to clear allergens from the airways.

Is salt therapy suitable for children?

Children over 3 years of age may use Salt Inhalers. The use of the aroma chopsticks for nasal inhalers is not recommended for children under 5 years.

Why replace the salt inhaler after 90 days?

Use of the product for 90 days is recommended for hygienic reasons. For hygienic reasons, we do not sell refill salt cartridges because we fear that not everyone will clean the unit properly.

The detachable devices of the nose and mouth inhaler require constant cleaning, like all similar products, because they are applied orally and nasally. We think it’s worth buying a new DSI after 90 days

What are the benefits of inhaling salt? How do dry salt inhalers work?

Inhaled salt crystals adhere to the respiratory mucous membrane. Because of these, it improves the mucociliary clearance process, thus facilitating coughing up the secretions.
It is also known that NaCl is required for bronchial epithelial cells, and low levels of it are secreted by individuals with chronic respiratory disease (eg COPD).
Inhaled salt crystals are also likely to have bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, thereby reducing the overgrowth of bacteria in the bronchi.

What Upper and Lower Respiratory Diseases Can Help in Healing?

A large number of patients have not yet been clinically studied with saline therapy, however, according to a small number of international studies, inhaling dry salt in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may help expectoration of the mucus.

It can help improve airway clearance in individuals who appear to be healthy.
It can help smokers, allergic airways, self-cleaning, mucociliary function.

Can these diseases be completely overcome by using salt inhalers?

There is no evidence that disease can be completely overcome with salt inhalers, but salt therapy can help alleviate the symptoms.

Can I expect any improvement in COPD when I use the salt inhaler?

COPD is not a curable disease, the only progression can be slowed by proper therapy. Saline therapy can play a role in relieving the buildup of adherent mucus and may help with coughing, which can make it easier to cough up stagnant mucus. This can reduce the number of exacerbations. Base therapy should not be discontinued.

Can a saline inhaler help with dry cough and colds?

It may help with colds or dry cough caused by non-bursting secretions.

Should I use a salt inhaler if I have shortness of breath due to overactive thyroid gland?

No. In this case, due to overactive thyroid gland, an endocrinologist should be consulted and the symptoms are likely to be compressed.

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