Adult Salt Room

Kilkenny Salt Therapy is the ONLY operator in Ireland who has created Salt Rooms clad with real salt shipped in from natural salt mines of 200 meters in depth, the addition of a cutting-edge halogenerator that blows pharmaceutical salt inside the room, during the salt therapy session and Himalayan salt.

There is no other Salt Therapy facility in Ireland combining these three elements except Kilkenny Salt Therapy.

We offer the best possible alternative experience to visiting Natural Salt Mines in Ireland. 

Here at Kilkenny Salt Therapy we are using cutting_edge technology to deliver amazing and fast results, the halogerator crushes and circulates very fine particles of pharmaceutical salt particles of 3-5 microns in order to reach every part of the respiratory system, particularly the very fine alveoli of the lung.

Our Salt Rooms uniquely reproduce from a physical, chemical and biological perspective the climate of Natural Salt Mines providing the optimal environment for people that are suffering from different respiratory and skin conditions to alleviate their symptoms

The mineral salt particles that are inhaled will accelerate mucus clearance, detox (purify) the lungs and it will reduce bronchial inflammation therefore improving quality of life and it also boosts the immunity system

There are no microbes or allergens in our Salt Rooms and this allows the body’s immune system to rest during treatment whilst the salt particles convert positive ions into negative ions, which is vital in strengthening the body’s immune system.

Adult’s Room

The Relaxation Room holds a maximum of 6 people. Relax in one of our zero-gravity loungers while the salt aerosol penetrates your nasal and respiratory passageways and revitalizes your nervous and immune system. The allergen-free and negative ion charged room increases the relaxation effect. This is a quiet room perfect for reading or meditation.

During a 45 minute session adults can read a book, listen to relaxing music or even take a nap while relaxing to the calming background music.

Our Salt Rooms are covered floor to ceiling with salt.  There is no mandatory attire, as the salt will not ruin your clothing. Halotherapy sessions start promptly on the hour.

First time clients – please arrive 15 minutes before the hour.

Existing clients – please arrive at least 10 minutes before.

Once the session has started we will not be able to disrupt it by opening the door to the Salt Room. This will allow full concentration of the salt to remain inside the room as well as allow people to relax and meditate.

Kids Salt Room

At our clinic, we pay special attention to children. Childrens’ and adults’ needs are very different during Salt Therapy. While adults prefer a quiet environment with soothing music to relax, read or sleep, children are happy to watch cartoons and play with toys.

Child’s Salt Room has a TV and plenty of toys. Children are free to play and do not even realise that they are having a treatment. Our Children’s Salt Room is specifically designed for infants and children up to 11 years of age. Child’s Salt Room has a TV and plenty of toys. Children are free to play and do not even realise that they are having a treatment.

Adult supervision is required for children under the age of 9 so one parent must accompany the child in the salt room for the session resulting in a free salt therapy session for the supervising adult.


Additionally, children tend to spend more time outdoors and are often outdoors during periods when air pollution is at its highest and they are closer to the ground where generally the air is even more polluted. The process of early growth and development is important for the health of the child, and therefore may also be a critical time when exposure to air pollution can have a lasting effect on future health. Why not help them avoid serious respiratory illnesses with the power of the best Salt Therapy?

Don’t risk their health!

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