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Do you know what SALT is??

Salt is a crystalline mineral made of two elements, sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). It’s chemical formula is NaCl. Most of the world’s salt is harvested from salt mines or by evaporating seawater and other mineral-rich waters.

Most Popular Types Of Salt: 

Rock Salt – Halite more commonly known as Rock salt is a mineral formed from sodium chloride. The salt occurs in beds of sedimentary evaporate minerals. This is caused by large lakes and seas drying up millions years ago, when there was no pollution. The Rock Salt is natural, unprocessed,  non-iodized, ie. without the form of artificial iodine added and without trace of improves and anti-agglomerates – if it hardens, this is the main sign that it does not contain anti-agglomerates.

Sea SaltThis comes straight from evaporated sea water, sea salt is usually unrefined and coarser-grained than table salt. It also contains some of the minerals from where it was harvested – zinc, potassium and iron among them – which give sea salt a more complex flavor profile.

In addition, the seas and oceans have become the rubbish of everyone, where tons of plastic float and implicitly in the water are toxic plastic particles, herbicides and pesticides and all kinds of chemicals. Many do not think that the seas and oceans contain many of the most polluted areas in the world and that salt is not extracted from areas with marine vortex, which is totally different.

Epsom Salt – Epsom salt is not actually a salt, but a mineral found in water that contains high levels of magnesium and sulfate. The crystals of this mineral resemble those of the table salt which is why it is called a ‘salt’. It has no sodium chloride (salt) and is chemically called magnesium sulfate. It was first found by distilling water in the English town Epsom in Surrey, back in the 1800s.

We highly recommend Rock Salt for your bath salts as a way to enhance a relaxing soak in the tub also bath salts provide several health benefits for people with:

  • muscle pain and stiffness
  • stiff, aching joints
  • arthritis
  • circulation problems
  • headaches
  • anxiety and stress
  • skin conditions, such as eczema
  • dry and itchy skin

7 Reasons To Take A Salt Bath

  1. Builds Immunity
  2. Increases Energy
  3. Soothes Muscle Injury
  4. Promotes Restful Sleep – A warm salt bath is perfect for helping us relax when we’re anxious or tense
  5. Improves Skin Health
  6. Decreases Congestion
  7. Boosts Overall Health
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