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Why Is ideally to use salt from Natural Salt Mine?

The Salt from a Natural Salt Mine, such as Praid Salt Mine, where we brought our salt to use it in our Salt Rooms, is  natural, unprocessednon-iodized, ie. without the form of artificial iodine added and without trace of improves and anti-agglomerates – if it hardens, this is the main sign that it does not contain anti-agglomerates.

The Salt from Praid Salt Mine is dated as being of Lower Badenian age (Middle Miocene), respectively about 20-22 million years. The sea in the Transylvanian Basin (shallow and lagoon-specific) was separated, by thresholds, by the Tethys Sea, which lay in the middle of Europe. Due to the strong evaporation of the seawater, the precipitated salt layers formed deposits on the bottom of the sea basin, which is constantly subsiding.

We don’t recommended to use white sea-salt, these days, because it is highly processed and polluted

Among other things, sea-salt is baked at high temperatures, to make powder easier. In addition, the seas and oceans have become the rubbish of everyone, where tons of plastic float and implicitly in the water are toxic plastic particles, herbicides and pesticides and all kinds of chemicals. So many barrels have been found, full of toxic substances and abandoned in various seas and oceans of the world, plus the illegally discharged substances that were only felt when the marine flora and sea life began to die “for no reason”.

Besides all the known and unknown chemicals, in the sea salt there is a large quantity of heavy metals.

Many do not think that the seas and oceans contain many of the most polluted areas in the world and that salt is not extracted from areas with marine vortex, which is totally different. Sea salt is sea water, evaporated. In the sea salt, besides the exaggerated quantities of pollutants of all kinds, there are heavy metals, radioactive substances, herbicides and pesticides and many unknown substances, which have been dumped or abandoned in the oceans since the 20th century, in the form of barrels and huge containers that are only now beginning to unravel and release those poisons.

Millions of years ago, at the trade between Oligocene and Miocene, there was a lagoon where the first cubic salt crystals formed.

During the deposition periods the climate has undergone slight changes: the white salt is the barometer of the hot weather, with low rainfall and high concentrations, the gray salt corresponds to the season with abundant rainfall.

In Romania there are over 6 Natural Salt Mine , one of the is Europe’s most largest Salt Mine Slănic (with Salina Veche, Europe’s largest salt mine), CacicaOcnele MariSalina TurdaTârgu OcnaOcna SibiuluiPraid and Salina Ocna Dej.

These are just few reasons to why you should use more the Natural Salt Mine Salt


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